Halloween hints at busy autumn season for the community, KCF

My family and I always have looked forward to autumn in the Kentlands.  When my girls were little, the excitement of Halloween would begin weeks before the day.   The important questions of the costumes, decorations, and candy purchase would occupy them for days and sometimes weeks.  My oldest girl always loved Halloween, and still does.  She will be in costume in front of our house handing out the candy.  Last year she was a princess.  I won’t spoil the surprise and give away this year’s costume.  You will have to come and see. 

This month’s festivities are just the prelude a busy autumn season that will culminate in an exciting revival of a favorite Foundation program on Saturday, December 8th.  The House and Garden tour is coming back—but with a twist.  This time the focus will be on holidays in the Kentlands. 

The tour will focus on the “public” rooms of the house showcasing holiday decorations—Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali, Kwaanza, Three Kings Day, or your family’s winter holiday.  The garden portion will be a tour of the lights and outside decorations of participating families.  The committee is looking for homeowners who would be interested in participating for both the indoor and outdoor portion of this event.  If your holiday decorations leave your friends in awe, please consider volunteering your house or garden for this event. We’ll have more information on the program in the coming weeks as we are closer to the holidays.  Of course, volunteers for this event are needed.  To volunteer your house or garden or be a docent volunteer, please email me at kentlands@kentlands.org.

But you don’t have to wait until December for our autumn activities to commence. On October 23 the Foundation with the Village at Kentlands and Lakelands is hosting the latest in our New Urbanism lecture series at the Arts Barn.  The focus of this lecture is to bring awareness and solutions for people who love living in the Kentlands and Lakelands and wish to have housing options to live here their whole life.  Scott M. Ball, author of Liveable Communities for Aging Populations: Urban Design for Longevity and Danielle Arigoni from AARP will discuss solutions calibrated to Kentlands and Lakelands.  The lecture will be held at 7:30pm with wine reception at 7pm.  All residents are encouraged to come, listen, and provide their input. 

In November the Film Society presents “Their Finest.”  .A comedic film from Great Britain that takes place during World War II and focusses on the Ministry of Information.  Despite facts to the contrary, the Ministry writes a morale-boosting film about the evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk.  Many well-known British actors are in the film including Gemma Arteton of ‘Bond girl’ fame.   Doors open at the Arts Barn at 6:30 and the film begins at 7 pm.  A small number of walk-in tickets ($9) will be available for the film. If you would like to reserve one, please email kentlandsfilmsociety@gmail.com.