Few things go better with classical music than fine wine

Here are some locally available (and affordable) wines that should pair beautifully with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. …


SPRING: Villiera Jasmine ‘Fragrant White’ – Stellenbosch, South Africa — A floral, slightly spicy white wine which is fresh, light and slightly sweet but complex enough to drink with food (fusion and spicier dishes).  Made from a unique blend of 18% Moscato, 52% Gewurztraminer, 30% Riesling.


SUMMER: Zorgvliet SilverMYn Cabernet Franc Rosé, Stellenbosch, South Africa — Salmon pink in color.  The aroma is a complex mixture of fresh red fruit.  The wine is crisp on the entry but rounded in the mid-palate with an explosion of red berry flavors on the finish.  A delicate and dry rose to accompany you on hot summer days.


FALL: Walnut City Wineworks Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley — This classic Oregon Pinot Noir incorporates dark cherry, wild raspberry and a cranberry-like fruit balanced with ample acidity.  Trace notes of deep mocha build on the mid palate.


WINTER: Rolling Plains Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley — Medium-bodied, soft and supple, this is an easy-drinking and approachable wine, lengthy in chocolate, raspberry and red currant.


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