How can you become a supporter of a Foundation program

Most community residents know that the Foundation offers many opportunities to volunteer with any of the Foundation programs. But did you know that in order to bring such a wide variety of programs to you—there are 15—the KCF engages in a lot of fundraising? Most of our fundraising is accomplished through direct requests from local businesses to support an event and by asking for donations from participants. The Foundation also makes grant requests to private foundations as well as state and local government. While the Foundation receives funding from the Kentlands Citizens Assembly, these funds primarily support the general operating costs of the Foundation.
However, all Foundation programs are self-supporting. What this means is that each program is responsible for finding funding for their program through membership dues, subscriptions, donations from residents and local businesses and grants. One wonderful way to help support the programs is to ask your workplace whether it offers a grant program or matching grants per donation. For many larger businesses, some will match any donation you make to a non-profit. Other businesses have grants they will make to non-profit organizations their employees support through volunteering or donating. Grant applications often include a question asking whether any of their employees participate in the event. Sad to say, I usually do not know the answer, but I do know a “yes” would help us get funding. Needless to say, fundraising this year has become more challenging, and I am looking for any way to help our programs. I would love to have a conversation with you and find out where you or your employer can help. If you have any experience in fundraising or can help us, please send me an email at
The Foundation’s programs are continuing to offer events and activities for our community. Thank you to everyone for supporting KidServe’s drive for new underwear and socks for Ridgeview Middle School. Your support of our neighbors is appreciated and makes all of us glad we are able to help when there is a need. The porch bins were filled and many packages were sent directly to KidServe.
We hope you were able to join the Kentlands Film Society in watching the Manhattan Short Film Festival in February. Once again, the 10 films shown from around the world were entertaining and diverse. In Fall 2021, the Gaithersburg Arts Barn will be one of the local screening locations.
The New Urbanist committee will be holding an online cocktail class on March 11. Get your shakers ready to try out the latest and greatest cocktails while learning more fun information about New Urbanism as The New Urbanist Committee once again partners with Cocktail Curations, owned by Kentlands resident, Thy Parra, and her partner, Nicole Hassoun. Mix up a fun seasonal cocktail while exploring spirits, flavors, essential bar tools, and bartending techniques. Participants will learn the history behind the cocktail, as well as, proper ratios and techniques for crafting their own cocktail at home. In addition, you will learn how to balance and blend fresh flavors into handcrafted mixers. Once you register, an ingredient list will be mailed to you. The cost of participating is $25 per household. Visit our website,, for the link to sign up for this fun event. All profits will benefit the Kentlands Community Foundation’s new urbanism program. You do not have to be a Kentlands resident to attend, so grab your friends and make a cocktail with them virtually! This online event continues to fulfill our promise to you to provide an event each month until we can meet in person.

For more information about programs and events, how you can get involved, and how you can support the Foundation, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our website at for the latest information.