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  • A small number of walk-in tickets ($9) will be available for the films. If you would like to reserve one, please email kentlandsfilmsociety@gmail.com.
  • All movies begin at 7:00 PM with a 45-minute reception before the film except for the September showing which opens at 6 PM with a Wine and Cheese Reception to celebrate the new season.

Questions? Contact Elly Shaw Belblidia at kentlandsfilmsociety@gmail.com or 301-529-9951

September 23, 2018

"A Man Called Ove"


A Man Called Ove

(2014)  Sweden with English subtitles.  116 Minutes.

Ove is a cantankerous, old fuss-budget who argues with his neighbors and mourns his beloved wife Sonja. Without her, life isn’t worth living. In flashbacks, we see Ove’s childhood, his relationship with his father, his obsessions, his rectitude, and his terrible luck. A pregnant woman and her family move into the neighborhood, bring him into their chaotic life, and stubbornly insist on being his friend. A touching story of love and friendship. 2016 nominee for the Academy Awards Best Foreign Film.


November 4, 2018

"Their Finest"

Their Finest

(2017) English. 117 Minutes

Britain is in its darkest days of World War II. The Ministry of Information produces morale-boosting movies to keep up the nation’s spirits. Catrin Cole signs on as the “woman’s voice,” the sole female writer in a group that cranks out scripts. They research a story about the evacuation of Dunkirk and create their own version of a heart-warming rescue mission when the truth isn’t what they were expecting. Despite the constant threat of German bombers, the writers and the rest of the movie crew labor on, bucking up even when calamity strikes.

January 13, 2019

"Like Crazy"

Like Crazy

(2017) Italian with English subtitles. 118 minutes.

Beatrice and Donatella have little in common except that both are patients in a swanky mental hospital. Beautiful Beatrice talks incessantly, flirts, lies, and brags about family fortunes. Donatella is the pale, thin, sullen newcomer, taken under Beatrice’s wing. Always a risk taker, Beatrice escapes from a group work detail, pulling Donatella along on a road trip. Little by little, we learn the painful personal histories that brought them to where they are, and that tie them together as friends. Filmed in Tuscany.

March 10, 2019



(2014) Ethiopia with English subtitles. 99 minutes

This story from Ethiopia is based on real events. It takes place in 1996, when tradition in the countryside said that a man could kidnap a young woman to be his bride, whether she agreed or not. Hirut is only 14 years old when a man takes her captive. She escapes, manages to take his gun, and in the chaos that follows, kills him in self-defense. A lawyer who runs a women’s legal aid group takes up her defense. We follow the case as it proceeds through the legal system, challenging ancient traditions to give girls and women more control over their lives.

May 19, 2019



(2016) Canada and Ireland. 146 minutes.

“Maudie” is an inspiring film biography of Maud Dowley (played by Sally Hawkins), starting out in 1930s Nova Scotia. Maud is a misfit, physically challenged by arthritis and at odds with her family. Her one passion in life is painting. She sets off on her own and finds work as a housekeeper for Everett (Ethan Hawke), a gruff and reclusive fish vendor, who lives in a tiny bare-bones home outside of town. The two find themselves at insurmountable odds, but they learn to see the strength in each other.