What is KidServe?

KidServe partners kids (ages 5-13) with parents, grandparents, babysitters or other grownups in their lives serve in our local and global communities.

KidServe seeks out friendly service opportunities

KidServe develops a culture of service in families and promote the intrinsic value of serving

KidServe empowers kids to organize and lead service events

Who Are We?

KidServe is a service based organization started in 2011 by two stay-at-home moms, Sooky McFadden and Sherry Dunda, who live in Gaithersburg, MD.  They have elementary and middle school aged children and created KidServe because they wantedtheir kids to appreciate the intrinsic value of serving others.  The pair began by researching different charities and then tailored service projects to allow children of different ages to participate.  At first the ladies held these events in their homes, but as more and more neighborhood kids became interested in participating, the pair decided to open up the organization to the wider community with the hope that more families would be inspired to start serving and make it a normal part of family life. They strongly believe that the family that serves together, has fun together!

Want to serve? Contact us at: kidserve@yahoo.com

Want to donate?  https://bit.ly/2MDtrql

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Sherry Dunda, Sooky McFadden, and friend Jennifer Quinn