What is the Village at Kentlands & Lakelands?

The Village at Kentlands & Lakelands is based on a revolutionary concept that seniors can preserve their independence and age with confidence knowing that getting older means living a safe, healthy and interesting life.  Our model is based on the Beacon Hill Village which was created in the early 1990s by residents who wanted to grow old in the homes they had lived in for years. 

Our Village began as a pilot in November of 2016 after a two year planning process and a survey of the community.  Since then, we have enrolled many residents as members interested in receiving services such as transportation, minor household chores, social visits, and accompanied walks.  We have also recruited residents as volunteers who deliver those services. 

Because many people as they age can become more socially isolated for various reasons, we offer an array of programs, events and social clubs that encourage social connections and intellectual growth.  Examples include:  presentations on health and wellness; seminars on aging wisely and successful retirement, musical events, IT support groups, wine-tastings and holiday sing-alongs.  We also collaborate with Montgomery College to provide a place in our community for some of their classes.

All of our events and programs are open to Kentlands and Lakelands residents, but members and volunteers are given first priority.   Our objective is to provide seniors with everything that they might find in a retirement community but is in our own neighborhood.   Go to our website at www.villagekentlandslakelands.org to learn more.

Why do we need the Village at Kentlands & Lakelands?

The Village is important for several reasons:  Our aging population is rapidly increasing. According to the 2014 American Community Survey, 25% of the population in Kentlands and Lakelands was at least 55 or older and 13% was at least 65 or older.  These percentages are expected to grow in the coming years. 

Research shows that many seniors have health issues.  They also experience more falls.  In addition, we know that as people age, they become more socially withdrawn due to illness and physical disabilities.   According to a recent article by Harvard University’s School of Medicine, loneliness is one of the greatest health risks for aging adults.  Scientists have found that a stronger social life is correlated with a lower risk of heart disease and of depression.

What services are provided?

Our Village services include transportation, social visits, help with minor chores and referral to service providers. Other services will be added as needs grow.

Who are the Members?

People served by the Village are residents living in Kentlands and Lakelands, who are 55 and over and those with physical disabilities regardless of age.  They may be interested in receiving services, participating in social and cultural events or a combination of both.

How much does it cost to become a Member?

Currently members are not charged for services.  Because there are administrative costs associated with running a Village, members will eventually be asked to pay an annual fee.  We anticipate that the fee will be reasonable and special arrangements will be made for people who have limited resources.

Who provides the services?

Village services are provided by volunteers who have gone through both a vetting and a training process.  These are people who live in the Kentlands and Lakelands, many of whom are retired.

How can I become a member and/or volunteer?

It’s easy.  Just contact Jean Mocarski (jean.mocarski@verizon.net) or 240-449-9002 and we will get you started.